Athletes & Entertainers for Kids ("AEFK") is a national non-profit youth educational mentoring organization, which brings corporate America together with athletes and entertainers to help urban youth who lack positive role models and guidance. AEFK’s encompassing mission is to give disadvantaged children a fighting chance for a happy, productive life through strategic community-based programs & services. For increasing numbers of youngsters, the ideal of an innocent, carefree childhood is a pipe dream. Their lives are compromised by inadequate education, neglect, abandonment, teen parenthood, violence, poverty, substance abuse, poor health, and hopelessness. The threatening nature of their life circumstances precludes play, creativity, and hope to the detriment of the development of strong feelings of self-worth and personal independence, the foundations of adult productivity.


• To inspire & motivate young people to remain in school, graduate and see the many opportunities education provides.
• To encourage & guide young people through mentoring partnerships and activities.
• To prepare young people for the workforce through job-shadowing and interactive preparedness programs

Established in 1986 by Fox NFL Show’s Howie Long and healthcare entrepreneur Elise Kim, AEFK has served over five million youth since its inception. NFL legend and 1987 Heisman trophy recipient, Tim Brown serves international chairman and licensing mogul and lifestyle designer Kathy Ireland serves as International Ambassador.

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9-1-1 FOR KIDS: Public Education & Caller Training

Founded in 1994, 9-1-1 for Kids® has distinguished itself as the leader in emergency and disaster safety education.   Available in all 50 states, also in Canada and the Cayman Islands (countries who use 9-1-1 as their universal emergency response phone number); 9-1-1 for Kids® is a non-profit program whose mission is to educate and empower youth with the systematic knowledge to make critical decisions when faced with an emergency or disaster situation.  The goal is to educate students on how to avoid dangerous, inappropriate, or unlawful behavior when calling 9-1-1, which is costly financially, in lives lost, property destroyed and crimes committed.  9-1-1 for Kids® accomplishes this through its dynamic PreK-5th grades curriculum and community outreach programs for students, educators, parents, and community leaders. It is the only 9-1-1 caller training program to combine these elements and the only program of its kind to be developed and endorsed by: APCO International (Assn. of Public Safety Communications Officials); NG-911 Institute; NENA (National Emergency Numbers Assn.); and NASNA (National Assn. of Nine-one-one Administrators).  and the California Department of Education.

Since its inception, 9-1-1 for Kids® has revolutionized the way the world looks at 9-1-1 caller training safety education.  In this day and age, students are now faced daily with a myriad of looming school-based emergencies, crisis's, and natural/manmade disasters.  Nearly two-thirds of households (64%) in America’s largest cities do not have disaster response or preparedness training or plans, and a greater majority in coastal regions.  Emergency response and preparedness is a complex issue, one that often perplexes the average individual because it appears to be overwhelming with so much information. Additionally many preparedness programs are driven by a fear-based message which has resulted in many not doing anything to take the action to know the basics. Peace of mind is the ultimate goal of 9-1-1 for Kids for students.  Unfortunately most students are unaware of how to appropriately respond in the face of an emergency or disaster.

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