Michael Fellner

Elise Kim

Kelli Perrot

Nichole Paliungas

Carla Koudakjian

E-Bonnie Cooper

Joanna Gomez

David Lopez

9-1-1 for Kids is a registered trademarked program of Athletes & Entertainers for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational and mentoring organization who produce the annual Tim Brown 9-1-1 Celebrity Golf Classic fundraising event.

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The Athletes & Entertainers for Kids Team

Tournament Committee Chairman: Michael Fellner
Tournament Producer: Elise Kim
Creative Director: Bon Abedeen
Food & Beverage Council: Howard Gordon, Chef Dora Paular, Chef Johnny Lopez
Marketing & Social Media: Yasmine Hart, Joanna Gomez
Sponsorship, Foursomes: Nichole Paliungas, Mike Fellner
Celebrity Relations: Kelli Perrot, Lorin Pullman
Rock It for Kids Concert Gala: Affliction Clothing
911 Heroes Ceremony: Nichole Paliungas
On-Course Hospitality, Contest, Exhibitors: Carla Koudakjian
Swag Bags, Tee Prizes & Favors: Carla Koundakjian
Registration: MCE E-Checkin (Dionne Arokiasamy)
Vendors Relations & Check-In: Julie Patterson & Diane Seltzer
Exhibitor & Vendor Services/Load-In: Randy Hausauer, Mark Seltzer,John Perrot Sr., John Perrot Jr., Mike Coslow
Command Central Supervisor: Charlie Cullen, Julie Patterson, Diane Seltzer 
Communications & Dispatch Operations: Janet Nakamura
Volunteers Operations: E-Bonnie Cooper, Kelli Perrot, Joanna Gomez, Rick Turner
Auction & Prize Drawing Operations: MCE E-Checkin (Dionne Arokiasamy), Lori Newquist, Lexi Louchios, Michelle Bland, Terry Mendoza
Graphic Design & Production: Elise Kim 
Printing/Signs & Banners: Spencer Koon, Grafico, Fairway Productions
Program Journals/Ads & Displays: Elise Kim, Kelli Perrot, E-Bonnie Cooper, Yasmine Hart
Photography & Videographers: Getting Flashy, Mina Mohaddess, Greg Cooper, Orange County School of the Arts, Brian Cuasito 
Audio Visual: FellPro (Mike Fellner), VER (Video Equipment Rental) Howie Rosenthal, Roland Music USA, Affliction Clothing
Announcer & Entertainment: Scott Crockett, Bill Lovelace
Finance: Debbie Ramirez, Tara Ton, E-Bonnie Cooper
Transportation / Strike: Kelli Perrot, Randy Hausauer, Scott Crockett, Mark Seltzer, John Perrot Sr., John Perrot Jr., Mike Coslow, U.S. Best Repairs
Website/Network Systems Manager: U.S. Best Repairs, David Lopez

To learn more about volunteering, contact E-BONNIE COOPER  | (714) 894-5450

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact NICHOLE PALIUNGAS | (310) (310) 292-0506

Or call  714.894.5450 / 800.933.5437