Tim Brown 9-1-1 Celebrity Golf Classic

The annual AT&T Tim Brown 9-1-1 Celebrity Golf Classic was founded in 1992 to support 9-1-1 for Kids: Public Education® and the national crisis of 9-1-1 misuse.  The 9-1-1 Classic has distinguished itself  as one of the nation's premiere charity-celebrity tournaments.  NFL Raiders legend and 1987 Heisman recipient Tim Brown, serves as chairman. Public safety & emergency-disaster response leaders are paired with legendary pro athletes, film/television actors, recording artists/musicians and the captains of industry as they compete in an 18-hole scramble staged at the Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles.  The picturesque course is laden with restaurants & refreshment stations at nearly every tee box and also a myriad of unique and luxury amenities & services.

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Kathy Ireland Mentor Program for Single Teen Mothers

Many of the teens who participate in the IGNITE successfully transition into responsible adults, gain new hope and aspirations, and learn responsible parenting. Many receive high school diplomas, have gone on to trade school and/or 2 and 4 year colleges, and some have completed professional and postgraduate degrees.

Kathy Ireland (CEO, Kathy Ireland Worldwide and International Ambassador of 911 for Kids) and Elise Kim (Executive Director of 911 for Kids) created the Kathy Ireland Mentor Program for single teen mothers (“IGNITE”) in 1990 in collaboration with non-profit public safety education organization 9-1-1 for Kids. IGNITE received the Governor’s Crystal Star Award in 1996.  Since its inception, over 1,000 teen mothers have been served through IGNITE.

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Tim Brown Mentor Mini Camp for Fatherless Boys

The 911 for Kids Tim Brown Mentor Mini Camp Mentor Program provides economically and educationally challenged fatherless young men ages 12-19 years of age the guidance and support of caring mentors. Fatherlessness is a growing problem. Whether caused by divorce and broken families, or by deliberate single parenting, more and more children grow up without fathers. Indeed, 85 per cent of single parent families are fatherless families. Father absence has been shown to be a major disadvantage to the well being of children.

The mentees come from social service agencies, group homes, schools, community-based organizations and faith-based organizations who provide services for at-risk fatherless young men. The mentors are a magnificent group of exemplary male community leaders most  are from public safety (California Highway Patrol, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical response, 9-1-1 centers).

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Kathy Ireland Holiday Children’s Celebration

presented by Yard House | GEMSA | U.S. Best Repairs | Improv Club

Since 1986, Athletes & Entertainers for Kids® (“AEFK”)  and 9-1-1 for Kids has hosted a holiday event for thousands of disenfranchised parentless children. This annual event is  hosted by lifestyle designer Kathy Ireland who helps to provide these ailing children with the opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a warm and loving family setting.

The first Holiday Children's Celebration (KIHCC) was held at White Memorial Medical Center in East Los Angeles for 400 youngsters.  Members of the L.A. Raiders, Lakers and Kings, along with USC and UCLA athletes all joined together to help.  From 1987-1998 the Century Plaza Hotel served as the home for the KIHCC.  In 1995 Kathy Ireland began her service as the event chairperson.  Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia hosted in 1999.  Then from 2000 to 2002 the Nestle Ice Cream Company in City of Industry created an incredible KIHCC carnival.  The Queen Mary hosted the event in 2003 on their legendary ship.

Since 2004 the Yard House Restaurants adopted the KIHCC and host the event on the first Saturday of December at their Irvine Spectrum.  The Yard House enlisted the support of the Viscomi family of GEMSA and  the Improv Club. In 2013 U.S. Best Repairs joined in to help champion this important service.

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