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Gifts to Athletes & Entertainers for Kids (AEFK) and 9-1-1 for Kids provides critical unrestricted support for public education and community services provided by AEFK a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable educational organization which serves children, young adults and families throughout the United States since 1986.

It's you who make the difference. Your gift to Athletes & Entertainers for Kids and 9-1-1 for Kids  provides unrestricted support for the basic operation of AEFK programs and services. Like most non-profits, AEFK depends on the support and good will of the communities it serves to enlarge the breadth of its impact and strengthen its effectiveness.
Your gift ensures that AEFK can sustain its demanding curriculum, and mentorship opportunities, as well as its extensive community service programs for disenfranchised youth.

The Board of Directors sets an annual a goal to raise $300,000. More important, we are seeking 100% participation from our constituent communities:  the Board of Directors themselves, sponsors & donors, celebrity friends, and volunteers, no matter the size of the gift.

I invite you to join us in giving generously to AEFK. Your support will make a tremendous impact on the lives of students for generations to come and making a significant and vibrant difference in our communities across the U.S. Every gift counts! Invest in excellence today!

Sincerely yours,
Patricia Williams
Chairperson of Athletes & Entertainers for Kids Board of Directors

P. S. The list below provides a few of the examples where gifts to the Providence Fund will be spent. Unrestricted gifts allow funds to be used for the highest priority needs and are the preferred way for you to give to AEFK. If you wish to direct your gift to one of the items listed below, however, please write your designation on the giving form.

9-1-1 for Kids: Public Education & Caller Training - $170,000
Educates and empowers students with the systematic knowledge to make critical decisions when faced with an emergency or disaster situation.  The goal is to educate students on how to avoid dangerous, inappropriate, or unlawful behavior when calling 9-1-1, which is costly financially, in lives lost, property destroyed and crimes committed.  Established in 1994, by the 9-1-1 public safety community, the 9-1-1 for Kids® curriculum is recognized as the benchmark for emergency response caller training education.

9-1-1 for Kids®, has distinguished itself as the leader in emergency and disaster safety education.   Available in all 50 states, also in Canada and the Cayman Islands (countries who use 9-1-1 as their universal emergency response phone number); 9-1-1 for Kids® accomplishes this through its effective caller training curriculum and community outreach programs for students, educators, parents, and community leaders. It is the only 9-1-1 caller training program to combine these elements and the only program of its kind to be developed and endorsed by: APCO International (Assn. of Public Safety Communications Officials); NG-911 Institute; NENA (National Emergency Number Assn.); and NASNA (National Assn. of Nine-one-one Administrators), and the California Department of Education.

Local 9-1-1 Heroes Awards - $30,000
The  Local 9-1-1 Heroes® program was established in 1999.  The purpose of the award is to recognize heroic youngsters who called 9-1-1 to save a life or property or to report a crime.  The heroes are nominated by public safety answering points (PSAP or 911 dispatch centers).  These children methodically and calmly called 9-1-1 and provided the dispatcher with the necessary information to route emergency personnel (police, fire department or medical emergency response) quickly.  Since 1999, the organization has recognized hundreds of children throughout the nation for their 9-1-1 heroism.   The purpose of this program is not only to recognize heroic acts of youngsters and dispatchers, but more importantly to drive home important information concerning critical emergency preparedness and response procedures.

Kathy Ireland Mentor Program for Single Teen Mothers - $25,000
Provides economically and educationally challenged abandoned  single-teen mothers ages 12-19 years of age, the companionship, guidance and support of caring mentors and others without the social stigma and isolation associated with out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy and it related complications.  In this supportive and therapeutically designed community, teen mothers are able to leave behind their worlds of secrecy and despair.  Through acceptance and trust, teens, their mentors, workshop leaders, speakers and volunteers can freely talk about out-of-wedlock pregnancy and single-parenting and openly express feelings, however angry, hopeless and depressed in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  IGNITE matches professional businesswomen as mentors and role models to teen mothers. Many of the teens who participate in the IGNITE successfully transition into responsible adults, gain new hope and aspirations, and learn responsible parenting. Many receive high school diplomas, have gone on to trade school and/or 2 and 4 year colleges, and some have completed professional and postgraduate degrees.

Tim Brown Mentor Mini Camp for Fatherless Boys - $25,000
The TBMMC assists young men absent of a father in their homes who can benefit from encouragement and guidance from a caring father figure. Youth must be sponsored by an approved social service-welfare agencies, community organizations or schools. Hosted by Tim Brown (8time All Pro Bowl, 1987 Heisman, Oakland & LA Raiders ’87’04, Tampa Bay 2004; retired in ’05 as an Oakland Raider) gives disadvantaged fatherless young men, the opportunity to team up with a mentor father and participate in a football training camp just like the pros. Brown’s football buddies and coaches join community leaders, law enforcement, and businessmen to give local youth the once‐in‐a‐lifetime opportunity to play with the pros & college stars for a day.

Kathy Ireland Holiday Children’s Celebration - $25,000
This annual event provides 300+ disenfranchised children (ages 4-11 years) often from parentless situations with a warm and loving holiday celebration in a family setting featuring holiday arts & crafts, entertainment storybook reading, old fashion sing-a-long, and a beloved visit from Santa who presents a gift to each child.  This event also incorporates disaster & emergency preparedness and response education through play & entertainment.  The children come from state, county, city agencies and private group homes & facilities.

College Internship Program - $25,000
Prepares students both professionally and personally with workforce readiness skills within a office environment with real project experiences.  Students admitted into the AEFK Internship Program work closely with the mentor Coordinators and Advisors in developing broad based business skills. The Internship Program strives to promote a sense of civic responsibility in students by encouraging them to take an active part in community service. 

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